Yamaha Electone EL-3

EL - 3 Specifications:

Yamahas' entry model Electone.

Price New: Approximately 1000 in the UK

Keyboard: Upper = 44 keys, Lower =44 keys, Pedal = 13 keys

Tone Generation: AWM 1 only

Upper/Lower Voices: Strings, Brass, Clarinet, Saxophone, Chorus, Organ, Piano, Guitar, Vibraphone, Cosmic, Tutti, (Upper) Harmonica, (Lower) Horn; (Volume)

Lead: Violin, Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, (Dotted Button); Volume

Pedal: ContaBass, Electric Bass, Organ Bass, Tuba, (Dotted Button); Volume

Sustain: Upper, Lower, Pedal

Vibrato: Preset

Rhythms: March, Waltz, Jazz Waltz, Swing, Bounce, Reggae, Slow Rock, Tango, Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Samba, Bossanova, 8 Beat, 16 Beat

Rhythm functions: Start, Synchro Start, Tempo, Volume

Keyboard Percussion: (Lower only) 42 sounds

Auto Bass Chord (A.B.C): Off, Single Fingered Chord, Fingered Chord; (A.B.C functions include memory and accompaniment)

Basic Registrations: 1~ 5

Other Controls: Power on/off, Expression Pedal, Master Volume

Other Fittings: LCD, Headphone Jack, Matching Bench, Music Stand, Dust Cover

Optional Accessory: YHE-5 Headphones

Sound System: 15 Watts

Speakers: 20cm x 2, 5cm x 1

Dimensions: (Width 99.8cm) x (Depth 39.4 cm), (Height 85.9cm)

Weight: 29 KG (63lb, 15oz)

Finish: Simulated Mahogany Grain

Thank you, James Ewins for the info