Yamaha Electone ELX-1m

The new Millenium Edition of the EL series stage model. This update to the venerable ELX-1 adds all the great new features of the EL-900. It loses the much loved Solo Bar. Instead it uses the knee lever as was done on the EL-900.

  • The ELX-1mI is an ELX-1m in white/Ivory.
  • The ELX-1mT is an ELX-1m with speaker unit KA-35m mounted under the playing table.
  • The BNX-1m is the organ bench specific for the Millenium Edition
  • There are three choices for speaker units:
    • KA-35m (110 Watt - for mounting under the playing table)
    • KA-45 (160 Watt)
    • KA-75 (310 Watt)