Yamaha Electone HS Series

Keyboard Upper49 keys c-c4 (4 octaves)
Lower49 keys c-c3 (4 octaves)
Pedal20 keys C-g (1 1/2 octaves)
InitialUpper, Lower, PedalUpper, Lower
InitialUpper, Lower, PedalUpper, Lower
Upper OrchestralStrings, Brass, Wood, Vocal, VolumeStrings, Brass 1, Brass 2, Wood, Vocal, Combi, Volume
Upper Combination1, 2, 3, 4, Volume
U/L LeadFlute, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, Volume
U/L AWM PresetPiano, Strings, Pipe Organ (Voice Pack 1), Brass (Voice Pack 2), Volume-
U/L Percussive-Piano, Vibraphone, Jazz, Guitar, Volume-
Lower OrchestralStrings, Brass 1, Brass 2, VolumeStrings, Brass 1, Brass 2, Vocal, Combi 1, Combi 2, Volume
Lower Combination1, 2, 3, 4, Volume
AWM BassWood Bass, String Bass (Voice Pack), Volume-
BassContrabass 1, Contrabass 2, Electric Bass, Tuba, Volume
Arpeggio Chord1, 2, 3, 4, User 1, User 2, Volume
Ensemble UpperCombi, Orches, AWM Preset, LeadCombi, Orches, Percus, LeadOrches, Percus, LeadLead
LowerCombi, Orches, AWM Preset, LeadCombi, Orches, Percus, LeadOrches, Percus, LeadLead
SustainUpper (Knee), Lower (Knee), Pedal
User VibratoUpper Orhces, Lower Orches, Lead
Reverb (Digital)
TremoloChorus, Tremolo, Upper Combi, Lower CombiChorus, Tremolo, Celeste, Symphonic, Upper Orches, Lower Orches
SymphonicCeleste, Symphonic, Upper Orches, Lower Orches
Flanger/DelayUpper Orches, AWM Preset, Lead, Lower Orches, AWM Bass, Arpeggio ChordUpper Orches, Lead, Lower Orches, Arpeggio ChordLead, Arpeggio Chord-
PitchNarrow, Wheel-
ModulationOn, Wheel-
Manual Balance
Rhythm PatternsMarch, Tango, Waltz, Ballad, Swing, Bossanova, Samba, Latin, Latin Rock, Slow Rock, Bounce, 8-Beat, Disco, 16-Beat, User 1, User 2
ControlsVolume, Balance, Tempo, Tempo Display, Tempo Lamps, Start, Synchro Start, Intro/Ending, Fill In 1, Fill In 2, User Fill In
Keyboard PercussionLower, Pedal
Auto Bass ChordOn, Memory
Melody On ChordOn
Registration MemoryMemory, 1-16Memory, 1-8
PackConfirm, To Pack, From Pack, Ready, Error
AWM Voice Pack3-
C.S.P. / R.S.P.1, 2, 3, 4, C.S.P. Play, R.S.P. Play
Multi Menu Registration Menu1-19, Variation
Voice Menu 1Combi 1, Combi 2, Combi 3, Pipe Organ 1, Pipe Organ 2, Pipe Organ 3, Strings 1, Strings 2, Strings 3, Brass 1, Brass 2, Wood, Accordion, Synth Strings, Synth Brass, Cosmic 1, Cosmic 2, Cosmic 3, Vocal 1, Vocal 2idem, except
Cosmic 4-5 instead of Vocal 1-2
Voice Menu 2Piano, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord, Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Steel Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Vibraphone, Marimba, Celesta, Banjo, Koto, Steel Drum, Timpani, Clavi, Chime, Wave
Voice Menu 3Violin, Cello, Horn, Flügel Horn, Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Pan Flute, Recorder, Harmonica, Whistle, Synth Lead, Combi. Bass 1, Combi. Bass 2, Electric Bass 1, Electric Bass 2, Synth Bass 1, Synth Bass 2, Original Voice
Voice EditVoice Edit, Operator=1234, Output Level, Envelope Generator=ARDIRDILD2RRR, From FM Voice Pack, Data=DownUpCoarse, User Voice=1234, Copy
Rhythm MenuMarch, Polka/Country, Tango, Waltz, Swing, Ballad, Bossanova, Samba, Latin, Salsa, Slow Rock, 8 Beat 1, 8 Beat 2, Reggae, Bounce, Disco, 16 Beat 1, 16 Beat 2, Variation, Original Pattern
R.P.P./R.C.P.R.P.P., R.C.P., Metronome, Step Write=Accent (0123) @@@
C.S.P./R.S.P.C.S.P., R.S.P., Clear, Check, @@@
F.M.P.Clear, Metronome, Record=UpperLowerPedalLeadRegist., Play=UpperLowerPedalLeadRegist., Copy/Confirm
Vib., Sus.
Tremolo, Touch
User Vibrato=Lead (DelayDepthSpeed)U.Orc.DepthL.Orc.Depth, Sustain=UpperLowerPedal, Tremolo Speed, 0 (Min)1223 (Max),External/Midi Cont., Touch Vibrato=LeadU.Orc.L.Orc., Touch Tone=Upper & LowerPedal (Midi)