Yamaha Electone HX

The Yamaha Electone HX series comes in 5 flavors.
The parts are exchangeable, so you might discover different configurations.

Pictures are courtesy of http://www.freewebs.com/hxelectone/index.htm.
A very informative site about the HX series.

The 5 flavors are:

System 1HX-1MKX-5PKX-F1STX-1BNX-F1
System 2HX-1MKX-5PKX-M1STX-1BNX-M1
System 3HX-3MKX-5PKX-M1STX-1BNX-M1
System 4HX-5MKX-5PKX-M1STX-1BNX-M1
System 5HX-5MKX-4PKX-S1STX-1BNX-M1





Add-on units

AVS-10AWM tone generator expander for H series organs, featuring 12 AWM sounds including; pipe organ, strings, brass, vocal, piano, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, string bass, wd bass and timpani.
CVS-10Combination voice expander for H series organs, Hammond organ style drawbars.
MDR-xMusic Disk Recorders, various different models released, principally MDR 2, 3 & 4 for use with HX.
FVX-1FM tone generator

A full blown HX-1 System 1:

An HX-5 System 4

An HX-5 System 5

An HX-1 System 1 from the side

An HX-1 but with PKX-S1 13-pedals pedalboard plus two KA-10 / 30W speakers

An HX-3 but with MKX-4 49-keys keyboards plus two (one visible) KA-20 / 100W speakers