Yamaha Electone EL-90

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An EL-90 is an open design with open space between the speakers and the pedalboard
An EL-90T is a cabinet housing
An EL-90I is white (Ivory)

An EL-90 can easily be disassembled into 5 pieces:

  • the upper part (2 screws under the keyboards, just in front of the speakers and 2 screws in the back between the upper part and the speaker part)
  • the speakers and amplification part (4 screws on the top and 4 screws behind plastic caps on the back)
  • two side panels (two screws each, on top of the pedalboard, under a plastic cap)
  • pedal board
Also the volume and expression pedals can easily be disassembled by removing only one screw.

The visible differences between an EL-90 and an EL-70 are:

  • EL-70 has 8 & EL-90 has 16 presets between the keyboards
  • EL-70 has 1 & EL-90 has 2 pedal voices
  • EL-90 has a second expression pedal
  • EL-90 has a bigger screen (same resolution!)
Less apparent differences are:
  • EL-70 has 79 & EL-90 has 131 voices (for instance panflute)
  • EL-70 has 4 & EL-90 has 6 speakers
  • EL-90 has better sounding voices
  • EL-90 has initial & after touch on the pedals
  • More software is available for EL-90
  • and some more

Download manuals for Yamaha Electone EL-90 in pdf format:
Owners Manual Part 1Owners Manual Part 2Service Manual (40MB!)

There are multiple types of floppy disks:
  • Registrations
  • Performances (and registrations)
  • Voices
  • Rhythm Patterns
Registration disks
The REGIST_MENU disks offer an easy way to select between up to 80 different registrations (5 pages of 16 registrations).
These disks contain a number of files, typical 2 or 4 files 17kB each for different Electone models.
  • RGM_35.DAT = EL-70
  • RGM_36.DAT = EL-90
  • RGM_3A.DAT = EL-57
  • RGM_3B.DAT = EL-40
  • RGM_3D.DAT = EL-50
  • RGM_3E.DAT = EL-60
  • RGM_43.DAT = EL-20/27
  • RGM_46.DAT = EL-500/700/900/900m
Electone models are downwards compatible. EL-900 will read RGM_36.DAT if RGM_46.DAT is not available.

Simply copy the files on a pre-formatted floppy disk and label the disk REGIST_MENU (in settings).
Here are the files of two common disks:
RED101 RED201

                    CLASSIC              Page 1
Ens. |stra1|/Harp|Quart|/Strg|Ens. |ue   |1
Pizz.|Orche|Oboe/|Wood |Sugar|Fanfa|Wien.|March
Ens. |stra2|Strgs|Winds|-plum|re   |Waltz|2

               JAZZ/CONTEMPORARY         Page 2
Big  |Big  |Combo|Jazz |Dixie|Euro.|Cross|Cross
Band1|Band3|1    |Waltz|1    |Beat |over1|over3
Big  |Big  |Combo|Balla|Dixie|Dance|Cross|Funk
Band2|Band4|2    |d    |2    |Pop  |over2|

                     LATIN               Page 3
1    |nova1|66   |     |     |1    |3    |1
Samba|Bossa|Salsa|Cha- |Begui|Tango|Boler|Carib
2    |nova2|     |Cha  |ne   |2    |o    |2

                   POPS/FOLK             Page 4
Pops |Rock&|Hard |Music|Stand|Bounc|Polka|Count
Orch1|Roll |Rock1|al1  |ard1 |e    |     |ry1
Pops |60's |Hard |Music|Stand|Waltz|Germ.|Count
Orch2|Pop. |Rock2|al2  |ard2 |-Folk|Waltz|ry2

                     ORGAN               Page 5
Class|Class|Class|Theat|Theat|Jazz |Jazz |Pop
ic1  |ic3  |ic5  |re1  |re3  |1    |3    |1
Class|Class|Barre|Theat|Theat|Jazz |Jazz |Pop
ic2  |ic4  |l    |re2  |re4  |2    |4    |2    

                    CLASSIC              Page 1
Strgs|stra1|Conc.|Ens. |/Strg|ue1  |by   |1
Strg.|Orche|Celo/|Chamb|G.Pip|Baroq|Noel |Cosmc
Ens. |stra2|Piano|.Strg|/Tuti|ue2  |     |2

               JAZZ/CONTEMPORARY         Page 2
Big  |Minor|Piano|Flugl|Dance|Funk1|Cross|Cross
Band |Blues|Trio |-Solo|1    |     |over1|over3
Horn-|Organ|Jazz |Tb.- |Dance|Funk2|Cross|Cross
Tutti|Combo|Waltz|Solo |2    |     |over2|over4

            FOLK (Around the World)      Page 3
ese  |stani|on   |Ens. |pes  |an   |da   |
China|Gamel|Flame|Napol|Germ.|Folk |Regae|Hawai
Vn.  |an   |nco  |itan |March|Lore |     |ian

                      POPS               Page 4
Pops |Pop  |Love |Polka|Rock |Jazz |Syn. |Sound
Orch1|Strgs|Balad|-Pop |Piano|Guitr|Decay|Efct1
Pops |Piano|Shuff|Music|Rock&|Latin|Orch.|Sound
Orch2|Balad|le   |al   |Roll |     |Hit  |Efct2

                     ORGAN               Page 5
Theat|Theat|Theat|Pop2 |Jazz1|Jazz3|Class|Class
re1  |re3  |re5  |     |     |     |ic1  |ic3
Theat|Theat|Pop1 |Pop3 |Jazz2|Jazz4|Class|Stret
re2  |re4  |     |     |     |     |ic2  |Organ

Performance disks
Performance disks contain a maximum of 40 performances.
Typical are disks with 10 to 30 performances
There are two file extensions: MDR_nn.EVT and MDR_nn.B00
Files with the extension .B00 contain registration information, user voices and rhythm patterns
Apparently sometimes there are specific registration files for specific models, for example .B36 for EL-90
Files with the extension .EVT (event) contain the key strokes
The EL-900 (and the EL-87?) can read an additional file called SONG.NAM and put it on the display
File numbering starts with 00 which corresponds with song number 01 on the MDR

Beware that I accept no responsibility for any problems that may occur when you read (and proceed) beyond this point

To reset an EL-90, hold down the top left button under the LCD panel and the power up.

To put an EL-90 (probably the whole EL-series) in SELF CHECK MODE:
Hold down the C# Chord on the lower keyboard, starting with the second C# - while switching on the organ.
(This also displays the software versions)

Software versions I have ‘seen’ so far are:

EL-70: (C)'91/03/13 V.4.2(MAIN) V.5.0(MDRI)
EL-90: (C)'91/05/29 V.5.1(MAIN) V.9.0(MDRI)
EL-90: (C)'91/09/05 V 5.3(MAIN) V.E.0(MDRI)

I have no idea what the differences between these versions are.
Unfortunately software of the EL-x0 series can only be updated by replacing ROM's.

Yamaha Electone EL-90

Yamaha Electone EL-90

Yamaha Electone EL-90

Yamaha Electone EL-90

Yamaha Electone EL-90

Yamaha Electone EL-90